Sunday, January 13, 2013

Barret L82A1 Sniper rifle

The barret 50 L82A1

The barret 50 L82A1

The barret 50 L82A1 (  The barret 50 L82A1 ) is a semi-automatic high caliber sniper rifle. It is an extremely powerful weapon with a range of fire in 1 800 m.
It is chambered for the Browning 12.7-mm cartridge, originally developed for a heavy machine-gun. The M82A1 can be also used as an anti-material rifle against light armored vehicles. Currently it is in service with the US Army special forces and some at least 30 other countries.

It is a semi-automatic of us army special forces, recoil operated rifle. It is worth mentioning that the  The barret 50 L82A1 is designed with the unique recoil absorption. After the shot most of the recoil power is absorbed, otherwise it would destroy rifle's lock.

The barret 50 L82A1 is also equipped with a carrying handle and folding bipod. The rifle is usually carried for a long distances in the case due to it's heavy weight.
The barret 50 L82A1

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  1. Cool video and a great gun. While I never go to shoot one except in COD Black OPS it seems like it would be a blast.