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Heckler USP

Heckler USP
"Heckler & Koch" Heckler USP (Universal Seldstlade Pistol) self-loading pistol was first time publicly presented in year 1993. It was developed as multipurpose pistol for police, armed and special forces.
First modifications were chambered for 9-mm Para ( Heckler USP 9), and 10-mm .40 Auto ( Heckler USP 40) cartridges. Pistols automatic works on barrels short recoil principle.  Heckler USP pistols are fitted with new recoil suppressing mechanism. This new mechanism decreases recoil power as well as weapons tossing after each shot. This feature increased fire accuracy and fire comfort, comparing with other pistols.  Heckler USP automatic's service life is about 20 000 shots. Pistol's automatic allows only single fire.  Heckler USP frame is made from plastic polymers, lock and barrel - from stainless steel.

Pistol has opened fixed sight, intended for 80 m range. Laser sight or searchlight hardpoints are placed under the barrel. In year 1994 there was presented "Compact" (USP P10) modification with smaller dimensions. In year 1995 - modification, chambered for .45 ACP and intended for USA weapon market. Later one more modification "Tactical", fitted with longer barrel, sound suppressor connection screw, and adjustable sight, was developed. Along with combat modifications, there are developed some  Heckler USP sport models.  Heckler USP  "Match" has barrel, fitted with polygon rifles and compensator, serving as a flame-hider as well. It increases weapons stability and fire accuracy.

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  1. Great read, Thanks for sharing. Me and my wife are looking to get some self protection and your blog has helped us find out more about the Heckler USP. It's one of a few pistols we're considering.