Friday, March 2, 2012

Uzi submachine gun

Uzi submachine gun

Uzi submachine gun

First "Uzi" submachine gun example was developed by Israel Army lieutenant Uziel Gal in 1949. Submachine gun was intended for Israeli armed forces , special forces and other services. Weapon was called "Uzi" in honor to it's developer. From the beginning of it's serial production "Uzi" became very popular all over the world among various military and security forces more than in 90 countries.
Submachine gun's "Uzi" automatic works on free lock's recoil principle.Uzi" submachine gun Fire is executed when lock is still moving ahead. Reloading handle is placed on the barrels box what makes submachine gun comfortable reload from right or left hand. During firing it stays sable.

Uzi" submachine gun length from muzzle to backward barrels box wall is only 445 mm including 260 mm barrels length. Small dimensions were reached using lock, covering barrel in 95 mm. Firing lock holds barrel from every side except right cartridge-case extraction window.

Uzi" submachine gun Magazine is inserted in pistol handle what increases weapons stability and allows to fire from one hand furthermore it makes weapon well balanced.

Uzi" submachine gun

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